13Fishing Concept TX3

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Includes a paddle and power handle!

The next generation heavyweight is here! The 13 Fishing ConceptTX3 is the bigger brother to the ConceptTX2. The ConceptTX3 has been built to thrive in the harshest of environments featuring the Cast Iron Carbon fibre body and side plates, it is lighter and stronger than other reels on the market. The ConceptTX3 has been pushed to its limits through rigorous testing and has excelled in all areas. With 40lbs of fish-stopping drag, hardened Brass Main, and Pinion Gear, and fitted with a combination of CZB Zero Bearing Technology and Black Seal Anti Corrosion ball bearings. This is one heavyweight you will want in your corner.

Product Features:

- Comes with a single jigging handle and a double power handle

- 18kg/ 40lb Drag system

- 2 CZB Comp + 4 Black Seal + 1 Anti Reverse Ball Bearing

Product Technologies:

CZB Comp

Pushing CZB Technology farther, the CZB Comp spool bearings deliver next level performance by significantly reducing surface area contact with the spool shaft. This process creates higher spool spin capabilities by lowering the co-efficient of friction. The CZB Comp delivers unparalleled casting distance in our proven 100% corrosion proof material.

Product Specifications:

Weight: 252g with double handle – 272g with single handle

Line Capacity: 12lb – 240yds, 0.3mm – 220m

Max Drag: 18kg/ 40lb

Ball Bearings: CZB Concept Zero Bearing