BIM Cha Cha Jr

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The CHACHA BAIT is Matthias LOTHY's very first creation for BIM TACKLE. It's a hybrid between a blade jig and a bucktail jig in a big bait size with the lightness of a medium-sized lure. The CHACHA BAT is the result of years of testing to combine the swimming action of a blade jig with the hyper-realistic action of natural materials like bucktail in a format ideal for pike and catfish.

The design of the CHACHA BAIT gives it great strength thanks to its through wire and specially designed BIM hooks. The paddle shape provides a constant action without putting up much resistance, "allowing you to prospect without the rod pulling too hard! The ventral eyelet allows you to add either a paddle for extra shine, an extra weight for deeper fishing or a treble hook if required. The rabbit tail can easily be remounted thanks to its clip, allowing you to add any type of soft tail lure.

- Wetted weight: +/- 35g
- Depth: 1.2 to 4m
- Descent speed: 1m/3s