Gaudis Excelsior X8 Braided PE Line (Red)

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Aiming for higher heights.

Change the PE line by dyeing. Ultimate PE line that can be used in any situation or target fish.

Change PE with dye shop technology.

We reviewed the elements required for PE lines and developed a unique manufacturing method from scratch.

Released a highly durable PE line with a completely different manufacturing method from the conventional one.

The first concept in the production of Excelsior was to improve the PE line by dyeing and coating.

Coatings and pigments are like armor that protects PE lines.

In other words, if the coating and discoloration can be prevented, the life of the PE line itself will be extended.

Therefore, a double dyeing structure in which all the yarns are dyed evenly and the final process is performed from the outside.

With this newly developed manufacturing method, color fading resistance, abrasion resistance and durability of the yarn itself have been dramatically improved compared to conventional PE lines.

In addition, we have set the composition of the coating agent to make it a balance that can be used in both freshwater and seawater.

Repeatedly tested for different fish species in every field, finally gaining a good track record and finally releasing it.

GAUDIS is a fishing line brand that started from a dye shop.

Our goal is tough and long-lasting products.

Low discoloration and high durability,

I would be happy if you could experience the techniques of Japanese dyeing shops.