Damiki Brute 130

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Damiki Brute 130





It looks like a beast (BRUTE). Sometimes quietly... Sometimes rough.

The first thing you notice when you see this lure is its characteristic 6-sided body. This unique body shape emits realistic flashing like that of a baitfish, and achieves a natural wobble roll action that is neither too weak nor too strong. It can be highly appealing to modern sea bass that are wary and do not try to use their mouths.

Also, the body size of 130mm is a very normal bait size for "ranker sea bass". There are various baitfish all over the country, but "Match the Bait" is essential to get the sea bass that prey on such baits to use their mouths. "Brute 130" produces realistic baitfish. If so, it will become a perfect prey target for sea bass.

The color lineup also includes proven colors that sea bass like and use their mouths. Based on feedback from field testers in the Kanto/Kansai region, we have created a lineup of colors that can be used in all fields and situations.

The diving range is 0 to 50cm, and by adding twitch and jerk, you can easily achieve flutter action. If you hold the rod upright and wind it slowly, you can create an undertow with your back. It shows off its natural movements in the flow, but it also has wild and powerful actions! It looks like a beast (BRUTE) silently aiming for its prey.
Sometimes quietly...
Sometimes wildly, they hunt their prey.