Deuthlon Reel Gear Grease (30ml)

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This is truly a Revolutionary fishing reel gear grease – It is a Ultra high-performance lubricant that exceeds the standards achieved by all the conventional greases available in the sports-fishing market today!

Gear grease plays a crucial role in a fishing reel to provide lubrication & protection against wear & corrosion for gears to perform there transmission duties efficiently, smoothly and for as long as possible.



Fishing reels operate in some of the most extreme conditions which frequently cause grease failure. Gear grease failure can come in the form of “grease starvation” which occurs when existing grease is forced out due to extreme pressure which in-turn reduces the lubrication film. Not all reels are created with tight seals against contamination, thus creating a corrosive (water/salt) saline or contaminated operating environment, where greases will be washed out or emulsify  causing hardening and thus grease failure.

Selecting the right reel gear grease is essential and can make the difference between landing fish after fish. or landing damaged equipment with high repair bills.


Advantages of Deuthlon Ceramic Gear Grease:

  • Restores old reel gears (mildly fretted gears) to make them work and feel like new.. Ensures modern day reel gears are working at peak performance, efficiency and with high life expectancy.
  • Best in class water resistance – It is virtually impossible to wash-away our product with water or rain, thanks to our AQUA-Shield TM technology.         
  • Eliminates noise & vibration from worn gears, providing a much smoother cranking feel.
  • EP (Extreme Pressure) – Performance that exceeds the uncompromising requirements of sports fishing equipment. Maximum operating temperature @ 500 C° while continuously lubricating & protecting gears under extreme loads.
  • High flame burning characteristics.
  • Ultra-low coefficient of friction - Achieves silky smooth light crank feel, feel while providing EP lubrication properties.
  • Ultra-high viscosity – no-splatter design.  Adheres to gear surfaces where lubrication is needed and does not flow over into bearings, causing unwanted damage. 



  • Polarized for excellent adhesion onto metal gear surfaces.
  • Remarkably stable – ultra high temperature range (-10˚C ~ 500˚C).
  • Long lasting / highly durable / for maximum performance and protection against wear.
  • Protection against tribocorrosion even under extreme salty conditions.
  • Is not forced out under high loads or wash away under high salt-water pressures.
  • Ultra high load carrying capacity.
  • Anti emulsification & anti seize properties.
  • Superior water resistance - AQUA-Shield technology.
  • Ultra low coefficient of friction, even at high pressure.
  • Ultra-high viscosity – no-splatter which maintains a clean gearbox.
  • Eco friendly - metal free, safe for man and the environment.


How does it work?

Ceramic particles in the form of lamellar or layered structure allow a sliding movement of the parallel planes (fishing reel gear roll and slide design). Weak bonding between the planes provides low shear strength in the direction of the sliding movement but high compression strength in the direction perpendicular to the sliding movement.

Friction forces cause the particles of ceramic layers to orient in the direction, in which the planes are parallel to the sliding movement. The anisotropy of the mechanical properties imparts the combination of a low coefficient of friction and ultra high carrying load capacity to the ceramic particles.

Ceramic layers form a lubrication film strongly adhered to the metal surfaces. The lubrication film provides excellent wear resistance (prevents metal to metal contact), durability, and seizure resistance.


Immediate effects upon appropriate application:-

  • Significant reduction in gear noise and vibration, restoring the new smooth cranking feel of a new reel. Even on heavily work reels.
  • A Light and smooth cranking feel, unlike the sticky heavy crank feel associated with  using heavy grease
  • ‘No Mess’ gearbox makes for a much better operational environment, with less maintenance and cleaning required due to dirt/debris NOT being attracted to your greased parts.