Dr Hook School Bully (38grams Sinking)

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Come with Heavy Duty VMC 3/0 Inline Singles

We have been in search for a good and afforable sinking minnow. We realise that the variety in the market either doesn't swim straight or requires a lot of tuning or it just too expensive.

We are glad to be able to present to you DR HOOKS LURES from Australia. They guaranteed that all lures are quality tested and all lures swim straight out of the box. These lures are constructed with a wire through design to be able to handle big giant anytime anywhere. Interesting fact of this lures is that this sinking minnow actually comes with rattles that most sinking minnow doesn't have.

Dr Hook Lures is the go to lures for all shore and boat casting anglers. It works like magic for tuna, salmon, giant trevally and other pelagics. This is a proven lures that is popular in Australia