Dranckrazy Black Serpent The World Travel Baicasting Rods

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5 piece travel rod


GW-C66M-TR5 Lure:5-28g/Line: Max PE4

GW-C73H-TR5 Lure: 11-84g/Line: Max PE6

GW-C58XH-TR5 Lure: 14-170g/Line: Max PE6

GW-C66XH-TR5 Lure: 14-170g/Line: Max PE6

GW-C61XH-TR5 Lure: Max 280g/Line: Max PE8

Dranckrazy proudly presents Black Serpent "The World" series rods.

Introducing, high performance 5-piece rods crafted for anglers on the move that are lightweight, robust, and a joy to fish with.

Each section is made by combining Toray T800 with carbon fiber modulus of varying tensile strength. Stress-bearing sections are further reinforced with special high density four-axis carbon fiber rather than adding extra material to stiffen the walls of the blank which increases weight and kills feel.

Rod sections are joined by internal ferrules forming a smooth, purpose designed taper. The result is a powerful rod with reduced torque and fast blank recovery speed that is delightful to cast with on a wide range of baits, and delivers incredible feel and responsiveness.

Rod handles on "The World" are fitted with a woven carbon fabric grip that is light, durable, corrosion & dirt resistant. Not only do they look sharp but provide better traction and contribute to greater sensitivity.

This is a versatile piece of equipment just begging to be packed along wherever you go. For this reason, we have carefully chosen premium Fuji silicon carbide (SiC) guides for their r eliability

 Only Baitcast model. No spinning model