Fishing Fighter Japan - Tetsuwan Super SUS Swivel + WD RING

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Hate tackle failure? Get Fighing Fighter Tetsuwan! Strongest swivel tested. Without sacrifice the weight of the swivels like other brands. It still remains light even being the strongest snap we have tested.

These are mainly used for jigging. Assist hooks are attached to WD ring to enable easy changing of jigs without attaching assist hooks on the split ring or on the jig. Prevent line abrasion damage from the split ring edges.

Size 5    165lb/0.557g/4pcs    -  Jigging from 30gram to 70grams

Size 3    240lb/0.840g/4pcs    -  Jigging from 70gram to 150grams / Good for baiting for monster fishes

Size 1    430lb/1.463g/3pcs    -  Jigging from 100grams onwards / Good for baiting for monster fishes