Gancraft Jointed Claw Shift 183 (PEACOCKBASS)

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Type F 180mm 2oz

Building off the original and big-bass proven Jointed Claw that put Gan Craft on the map, the Gan Craft Jointed Claw Shift 183 Glide Bait now features a multi-jointed design and an all-new action that is sure to impress swimbait enthusiasts of every level. To give bass an exciting new look while providing anglers with expanded retrieval options, the Shift 183 now includes a second joint near the tail end that enhances action at faster retrieval speeds. Big bait anglers will still be delighted with the glider’s tantalizingly smooth ‘S’ swimming pattern when slowly wandering the bait back to the boat, however now they will have the ability to impart a tight, heart-palpitating swimming action with a fast retrieve that the original 178 model isn’t designed to achieve.

In addition to its unmistakable swimming action, the Gan Craft Jointed Claw Shift 183 Glide Bait also features premium components as well as a mesmerizingly detailed finish. Right out of the package anglers will be greeted with sticky-sharp treble hooks capable of taming their lake’s monsters and ultra-strong joint connections that won’t fail when a trophy is on the end of the line. Delivering world-class swimming action that is garnishing attention around the globe, the Gan Craft Jointed Claw Shift 183 Glide Bait is now available in the States so anglers can raid their home waters in search of unforgettable giants.