Huerco XTR 2024 Travel Rod

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Stronger & Better

XT605R - 4C, MAX 60LB, 150gram max

XT510R - 4C, MAX 40LB, 60gram max

XTR610R - 4C, MAX 60LB,150gram max

XTR710R - 4C, MAX 60LB, 150gram max


XT Series [ Expeditionary Tuned ] (R) ver.

The XT "Expeditionary Tuned" series has a "tough" specification that covers a wide range of situations, from everyday fishing to hard fishing trips. The expedition model, which has been supported by travel anglers in Japan and abroad since its launch, has been renewed as the (R) version with even more strength. We have pursued the possibility of even bigger games not only for overseas fishing trips, but also for domestic expeditions.


XT Blanks & Guide Settings

The XT series uses a combination of different materials to maximize the characteristics of each rod. It has a well-balanced feel that minimizes the feeling of multiple joints, and a sticky strength. The guide mainly uses a durable stainless steel frame + SIC ring, and some models are designed to be used in tough environments, such as ALL double foot guides. The adoption of a small diameter guide and non-uniform splitting method (smart multi-piece) eliminates packing loss and stress during expeditions.