Transcendence Japan Late Bloomings 5.10+ GT-B (Four in one rod)

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5.10ft length - able to extend to 7.3ft

Casting weight to 100grams

Closed Length 500mm

Guide: Fuji TI & SiC

Line from pe 3-5

Piece 4+1

Rod Weight - 157g/207g

Ultimate Versatile Rod

It is possible to set up 4-type of rod in this latebloomings510+. To change the length of rod to match different fishing condition and application. From long cast to accurate casting to jigging etc.

・LB59(3pc+ShortGrip) for short length lure fishing

・LB62(3pc+LongGrip) for Jigging

・LB73(4pc+ShortGrip) for long cast lure fishing

・LB77(4pc+LongGrip) for long cast lure fishing、Big target game


LateBloomings510 + is ultimate versatile rod in any other party of the expedition destination. 
Flipping from pitching, 1st-2nd piece do a gesture that all is assumed up to the jerking and 3rd piece (butt section) to float the fish, let it establish any game. 
Variable length of the pack rod unique is also why the versatile of Reiburu. 
This one was pursuing an overwhelming versatile than lightness.