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A RUN & GUN specialized leg bag developed for light land games!

This leg bag is useful not only for light game at sea, where you often walk on embankments or move on tetras, but also for lure fishing with minimal tackle, such as catfish and snakehead fish, which requires a lot of movement.


Since the waist belt is made longer, it supports anglers with a 2-way design that allows you to hang it diagonally while fishing. In response to requests from anglers that they want a product that is resistant to water, we have adopted waterproof TPU fabric for this production.


Adopting the highly acclaimed magnetic opening/closing mechanism from the previous model, this leg bag is designed specifically for running guns, allowing you to instantly insert and remove tackles. Recommended as a main bag for light game or a second bag for light fishing.


It is compatible with MOLLESYSTEM and can be expanded and customized according to purpose and field.


Product features:


①Waterproof fabric (600D TPU) is used for the main body fabric in response to rainfall.


②Magnets are used on the main body opening and front pocket.


③ Pockets placed on the front and both sides


④ Two VS3010s can be stored in the main body


⑤Uses an elastic leg belt to prevent the bag from wobbling.

⑥ Compatible with MOLLESYSTEM


Body size: Height 35cm x Width 21cm x Depth 10cm

Main pocket: Height 25cm x Width 17cm x Depth 10cm


Main unit storage: Can store 2 VS3010s


WAIST SIZE: FREE SIZE (up to 130cm)


 Body fabric: 600d TPU