Linha Japan Raptor Shoulder Bag

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Although it was developed and designed for native trout, the STP-03 Raptor is an oval one-shoulder bag that is versatile enough to be used for light games in general .


The development concept was, ``It would be great if it could efficiently store the tackle you need for the day and be usable on either the left or right side'' and ``It would be great if you could carry a landing net without stress!''




The shoulder harness of this product can be changed so that it can be used in the same way whether worn on the left or right shoulder.


The main compartment opens wide by opening and closing the zipper, making it very easy to check the contents, and it also has padded partitions, so you can safely carry a single-lens reflex camera or small burner etc. Is possible.


The front pocket has a mesh open pocket that allows you to efficiently store lure cases, leaders, etc. The bottom has a distinctive mesh pocket that opens on both sides, and when one side is closed, it can be used as a drink holder, and when both sides are open, it can be used to store a rod case, making it possible to use it for ``two delicious meals in one''.




Like other products, Raptor is also equipped with useful gimmicks.


①Magnetic lure holder Magnets are embedded in the main handle and chest pouch, which functions as a temporary storage area when changing lures. You can safely change lures in places with poor footing or near water.


②BGS (Bush Guard System) There is a space between the main body and the back where you can insert a landing net, and by holding the net here, we have devised a way to prevent the net from interfering with obstacles when rowing in the bushes.


One of the characteristics of the Raptor is its timeless design, and its oval, streamlined design increases its versatility and blends seamlessly into any situation.


Body size: Height 23cm x Width 34cm x Depth 12cm

Weight: 800g