Nomad Design Riptide Flouro Coated Clear Mono Leader

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Nomad Design Riptide Leader is a flurocarbon coated monofilament leader that gives anglers the ultimate in abrasion resistance while retaining maximum knot strength plus the flexibility of monofilament leader. Riptide Leader is ideal for lure casting, jigging and trolling - tested and proven on the toughest fish in the ocean!

A unique leader with a flourocarbon coating over a monofilament core, the riptide leader material has been designed to have exceptional abrasion resistance, but retain a soft and supple feel, and incredible knot strength. The flourocarbon coating gives the excellent abrasion resistance, but unlike 100% flourocarbon, the mono core gives flexibility and retains knot strength. 



It is not about being invisible, the truth is that no flouro is invisible due to light refracting, but that is a whole other story. This leader is about getting a super abrasion resistant leader that is still soft and supple for working lures and retains great knot strength. Having the flouro coating over the mono means you get the best of both worlds. The layers are fused together so there is no "peeling". We have been using this in trials for over a year now, and it is simply awesome stuff, tried and tested on the toughest fish the coral sea has to offer!