Nories TG Rattlin' Jetter

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Sinking / Rattle ( Tungsten Low Sound )



Due to demand from professional guide, the RATTLIN JETTER has been brought back to the NORIES line up.
The reason JETTER works so well in big lakes is due to its ability to stay in the target depth range. Even on high speed retrieves the lure refuses to rise above 3 m deep and when kept on a steady retrieve the lure will stay down even lower. Its range keeping ability is not due to increased weighting that kills the lues action, instead it is made possible by a careful and balanced design that gives the lure strong appealing action while keeping it down in the water. It is able to cover large areas with weed breaks and search out deeper ranges, without dropping a bite. Possible with RATTLIN JETTER is a rolling technique. Simply cast out, let the bait settle on the bottom and drag it through the mud with the rod tip as you would when using a soft plastic, to securely catch every bite. RATTLIN JETTER has been developed and improved by Norio Tanabe, even before the NORIES brand was developed. Get ready for the RATTLIN JETTER to once again take on big lakes!