Sebile Puncher 120

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    • Silent, suspending action is ideal for finicky and high-pressured fish
    • Balanced design works with treble hooks and single hooks
    • Designed with a 360 degree rotating belly hook preventing fish from gaining leverage and throwing bait
    • Silent lure
    • Includes extra single hooks 
    The Sebile Puncher is a suspending minnow bait that is super versatile whether cast and retrieved, twitched, or jerked. Available in 5 sizes, the Sebile Puncher features a balanced design that works with treble hooks and single hooks while the belly hook that rotates 360 degrees prevents fish from throwing the bait. The Silent Puncher is your go to suspending bait for shallow to medium depth waters. Pick up the right hooks based on regulations or fish activity. If fish are active, single hooks are working great; when bites are finicky, treble hook gives a higher hooking ratio. When large fish feed on small preys, go with the single hooks