Shimano 2023 Calcutta Conquest MD

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A flagship circular reel with anti-monster specs that specializes in freestyle fishing using a variety of lures, such as big-sized bass, sea bass, and shore and offshore salt games. With a maximum winding length of 101cm and a maximum drag force of 8kg, it is compatible with big fish. The structure of the micro module gear and infinity drive, which are responsible for smooth and light rotation, covered with a highly rigid HAGANE body creates a sense of security and comfortable operation. The easy-to-grip body is designed to be more compact than the previous model, giving you even more stability in your hand. What's even more noteworthy is the inclusion of SVS MD TUNE, worthy of the Monster Drive name. This is a rock-solid machine with flawless performance in all directions, including the SVS MD TUNE, which improves long-distance casting and backlash resistance, and the Level Wind, which works in conjunction with drag release to send out the line smoothly.


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