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You are order a set of 2 knobs 

A handmade handle knob featuring "EGO"

Length approx. 55mm Maximum diameter approx. 29mm

Compatible with Daiwa S size and Shimano A size. It can be attached to handles made by other manufacturers if they are compatible with the above sizes.

The characteristic stepped shape fits your fingers and prevents it from slipping out, and its biggest advantage is the stability of relaxed reeling and good response to sudden inputs.

I think that each person has a different way of gripping the knob, but it has a grip that will satisfy a wide range of people.

In particular, in fresh water,

he fishes giant baits, big baits, and scroll-type bass.In salt water, he plays sea bass games using various lures, as well as Thai mule fishing, which requires stability in winding, light jigging, and SLJ fishing in which the rod is moved with a sharp jerk.

Recommended for egging ! ! !

You can imagine the fit by looking at the images! ! !

Please use it ◎

Includes mounting spacer and adjustment shim